Upholstering the hartley footstool

 Starting with our newly hand crafted hard wood frames we will discuss all the layers within the Hartley footstool, what they do, how to attach them and what alternative materials and techniques can be used.

Layers : webbing, hessian, foam core, foam topper, wool barrier cloth, dacron and finishing with your chosen fabric.

Once all the layers are applied we will move on to your finishing fabric. Starting with how to accurately measure what fabric you need but before marking out your fabric we will discuss the warp, weft and bias of the fabric, learning what the bias is, what it is used for and how to counter it when needed.

The design of the Hartley footstool is a sewn tapered corner, patterns will be available for you to use but we will go through the measuring, marking and shaping of the corners double checking accuracy before we cut out our fabric piece. After hand stitching the corners we will be ready for a final step of attaching the top fabric, learning where to make corner cuts and secure corners before finishing off with by applying a bottom cloth.

 If you would like to upholster your footstool with a piece of your own art work please do let us know and we can discuss sizes and composition