Upholstery services in Skipton, North yorkshire

We offer a wide range of upholstery and reupholstery services in Skipton,  North Yorkshire and surrounding areas.


Life is to short for boring furniture and good furniture is like a good bottle of wine, it gets better with age.

Besides having a endless choice of fabrics beyond what the mass manufacturers are offering, it is probable that the furniture you bought several years ago is much better quality than the mass produced ones from the modern retailer today and with today's focus on sustainability and reducing waste we can extend the lifespan or update your furniture for the enviromentally conscious customer.

Typically furniture frames that where made 10 years ago are generally better quality so you can guarantee it will last. You already know the furniture you have fits perfectly in your home so with reupholstery you do not need to worry about measuring up and squeezing in a new piece Reupholstery is a convenient option of you have a quality piece of furniture that fits perfectly within your home, create your perfect space tailored to your taste.


Upholstery services in Skipton,  North Yorkshire and surrounding areas 

With an initial quick consultation we will gather information on your style, taste and requirements. We will then put together a few of our fabric samples for you. If you have booked a home consultation appointment then we will bring them with us and if not we will send you a sample pack.

Aswell as pattern and colour one of the most important aspects to consider is durability. We hold a large amount of stain resistant and durable fabrics and we will work with you to assess the best options to get as many years out of your newly upholstered piece as possible.

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